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Often personal injury lawyers are portrayed as parasites in the media trying to get any case they can. This is not too flattering an assessment of professional profession which does what they can assist the citizens who have to battle enormous insurance companies who fully understand the law. The portrayal of personal injury lawyers on television are often inaccurate, they don’t show the flip side of the coin where an insurance company would unfairly take advantage of those who have been involved in an accident and injured through no fault of their own.

The fictional portrayal of accident lawyers on in the media are not relevant the real circumstances where personal injury lawyers play a larger role in serving the public. If there were no personal injury lawyers, corporations would be able to get away with anything. Imagine pharmaceuticals being able to make medication without proper testing and the fear of side effects, even with class action lawyers looking after these cases, there are still many companies whose goal is always to make a large a profit as possible without regard for people.

With the necessity of having an experienced Toronto injury lawyer in our society why is it that they often end up with a bad reputation. If you watch the movies, you will always see lawyers portrayed in a negative manner, it’s not often where the story is based on the heroism of a lawyer. The media often portrays lawyers working for large corporation or the rich giving them an unfair advantage over common citizens. Although there are instances where more money would get the person better legal help, there are many instances where lawyers also help those in need. Personal injury lawyers are often lawyers who go after larger corporations in order to help smaller less privileged individuals.

Injury lawyers exist for one reason to help steer controversial matters in the matter of the law. In the world we live in today there are often litigious situations where disputes between people occur, the public only hears about the end result of a case, they don’t understand everything that occurs. Without personal injury lawyers it’s very unlikely that anyone who has been injured would get fair compensation from insurance companies.

Along with the media portrayal of lawyers, people tend to also have a negative association with trial lawyers, some state that lawyers come off as being arrogant. Lawyers are there to help the public in most cases deal with unjust issues represented by larger corporations. In fact personal injury lawyers often work pro bono meaning they don’t get paid by clients till an award is given by the corporation in a class action law suit or the amount is awarded from the insurance company. In some cases this could lead to free work or very minimal pay if the compensation is very little, as the lawyers will often only take a percentage of the award.

Often there is envy of citizens against lawyers mainly due to public perception of the justice system. There are often very difficult issues when someone has to deal with the law. Lawyers require years of study and intelligence to get an understanding of how the law works. Most people are distrustful of lawyers thinking they don’t have their best interest in mind when dealing with. This is because often lawyers charge for everything making them seems money hungry, but those are the rules of any business, you must make a profit in order survive.

Often the public perception of lawyers is created by the news and media, which decide how they want to characterize a specific industry, because larger organizations do employ lawyers of their own, this is seen as larger corporations taking advantage of the little guys. However that’s not always the case, as mentioned earlier, injury lawyers are often battling against much larger organizations and corporations.

Although personal injury lawyers are often seen as being greedy and only working for their own benefit, this can be said about any industry, there is no industry that isn't in business to make a profit. As a lawyer this is hard to deal with at times, knowing that’s not the intent of lawyer trying to make a living. This may even prevent some bright minds from entering the legal field and becoming injury lawyers themselves. However this doesn't need to be the case. Television shows must also do their part to prevent negative connotations of lawyers.

It’s sad that so many people’s perceptions are shaped by the media there only source of knowledge of an industry which is designed to help the less fortunate is portrayed in such a negative manner leading to many issues of educated and needed people. Lawyers definitely serve a role in society, the law is used to govern how we act as a society, when someone goes against the law they also need to be defended in the court of law.
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